Learn To Swim Levels 1, 2 & 3
Level One Curriculum Focus


  • Kick independently (long legs and floppy feet)
  • Fall in and turn around and climb out independently
  • Jump in and roll to back and float with minimal assistance
  • Push and glide with pencil arms
  • Use ‘big arms’ with roll and rest for 5m
  • Ready position independently

Level Two Curriculum Focus


  • Tread water and scull
  • Roll and rest, back float independently
  • Dive from sitting
  • Big arms (freestyle) with roll and rest 15m
  • Jump in and push off the pool bottom
  • Kick in a streamlined position
  • Swim basic backstroke 5m

Level Three Curriculum Focus


  • Tread water unassisted for 30 seconds
  • Demonstrate a reaching rescue
  • Develop sculling skills front and back
  • Demonstrate freestyle with side breathing 25m
  • Backstroke 25m
  • Basic Breaststroke
  • Basic Dive entry
  • Introduction to lane swimming

Please don’t hesitate to contact C-Me Swim if you have any queries (07) 4094 1504

Three levels of learning

All NEW swimmers aged 3 years or above, MUST have an assessment lesson prior to entering our Learn to Swim program at C-Me Swim across any of our 3 locations.

Our 15-minute private assessment is complementary if a Term booking is made, otherwise a 1 lesson fee will apply.

For further information on booking, please visit the Parent Portal

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