Frequently Asked Questions:
Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the pool located?

Lessons will be provided at C-Me Swim School, situated at 70 Russell Street, Edge Hill. We also utilise the 25m pool at Edge Hill State School during the summer months.

  • Port Douglas—Mirage Country Club
  • Julatten—Tableland Caravan Park

Is the pool heated?

Yes! Our C-Me Swim pool in Edge Hill is heated year-round and covered to keep children warm and sun-safe. We have installed café blinds, heaters and fans to ensure our swimmers and spectators are comfortable.

Port Douglas and Julatten venues are not heated, therefore lessons run seasonally.

How much does it cost?

Our 10-week Terms coincide with the Queensland State School Terms. We have several payment options for 10 x 30-minute lessons.

Lessons that fall on Public Holidays will be credited in the form of one make-up lesson to be taken during the current term. Students whom commence part way through the term will be charged on a pro rata basis.

While one lesson a week is of benefit, we recommend 2 lessons for greater and quicker improvement of your child’s swimming and offer a 10% discount for 2 lessons per week.

Private Lesson—$50/lesson

Working one on one in the water with a staff member. A great model for building a trusting relationship with our staff quickly.

Buddy Class—$60/lesson ($30 per child per lesson)

Learning with a sibling or buddy. Only 2 children per class, a great learning environment.

The Portal

Can I book online after hours?

Yes, if you are new here, please create an account or if you’re existing, please login to your account here: LOGIN OR CREATE ACCOUNT HERE

How do I use the parent portal?

If this is your first time using the portal and setting up an account, you will need to enter your preferred e-mail address and wait for a verification code to arrive in your inbox. This can take anywhere up to 5 minutes to arrive in your inbox, please ensure you check your junk mail, just in case. Once you receive your verification code and enter it, you will follow the prompts and be able to book and pay securely online.

What if my child is sick?

As per our make-up policy if the Standard (or weekly payment) full term fee is paid in full each child may receive 2 make-up lessons for sickness or injury. It is necessary to notify us PRIOR to the lesson to organise a make-up lesson token – this can be done via the parent portal. If there is no notification then the lesson will be void. If the Early Bird payment was made there are no make-up lessons included.

Make-up lessons may be taken at any location.

What will my child learn?

We pride ourselves on recognising the different learning styles of all our swimmers. Group dynamics, physical, social and emotional development together with varying teaching styles will all influence the routine and pedagogy of each lesson. There is no one recipe for teaching children to swim. At C-Me Swim our lessons are purposefully designed to best suit the learning needs of our swimmers.

Learning to swim is a very complex skill that requires time and commitment also patience, trust and understanding from our parents. If your child has had any negative water experiences or you are a non/weak swimmer yourself, please notify us.

How do I pay?

We now have a fully implemented online booking and payment system where you can pay by credit card in advance for the term or weekly. We also have cash and card facilities at C-Me Swim reception.

How many children are in a class?

In Aqua Bubs and Aqua Tots as parents are in the water to assist we have up to 8 children: 1 teacher. Primarily we work on a 1:4 ratio in our Learn to Swim Levels (Transition Tots, Level 1 and 2), Level 3 up to 6:1, Bronze Squad up to 8:1 however children are grouped as per their ability and class sizes may be adjusted accordingly.

Must my child wear a swim cap?

Swimming Caps are compulsory as they help to keep hair out of your children’s eyes and make side breathing much easier, also keeping hair out of our pool so that we can maintain the highest water standards. Goggles are recommended for all ages.

Moving up levels

We promote children as soon as they are capable instead of waiting till the start of the new swim term. If your child is ready to move up to the next level the Teacher will advise you and you will need to see reception to book into the next level and receive a certificate. We will update your child’s progress that you can view via the Parent Portal.

Must my child wear a swim nappy?

It is a health requirement that all children who are not toilet trained wear a “swim nappy” during swim lessons. Disposable swim nappies are available for purchase from C-Me Swim reception.

What is the Make-up and Cancellation Policy?

No make-up lessons are available with Early Bird rate.

With the Standard and Weekly payment options, if lesson times are available, we will bend like a pretzel to make up 2 lessons per term for sickness or injury. But we can't always guarantee times or days that suit families. All make up lessons must be carried out in the current term of swimming. No make-up lessons will be carried over into the following term of swimming.

It is the responsibility of parents to communicate to the C-Me Swim reception staff that a make-up lesson is required. If there is no notification PRIOR to the absence, then the lesson will be void. It now is possible to do this via the Parent Portal where you can also request a make-up lesson token.

Make up lessons will be given for all notified absences including public holidays. Make up lessons will not be offered in the event of a severe weather event, e.g. cyclone, flood, lightning.

Cancellation Policy

Credits are only considered for students who have incurred major illness, relocation, hospitalization or extreme family circumstances. Credits are in the form of swimming lessons and will remain on your file for 6 months. To apply for credit: In writing outline reasons for application and number of lessons missed accompanied along with the necessary documentation.

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