C-Me Excel – Bronze, Silver And Gold Squads
3 levels of perfecting childrens swimming skills

At C-Me Swim our C-Me Excel Squad Swimming program consists of 3 levels; Bronze (30 minutes), Silver (45 minutes) and Gold (60 minutes). The program at C-Me Swim is staffed by qualified swimming instructors and coaches, proficient in teaching all strokes and associated skills. Classes are either held in the Edge Hill State School 25m Pool or our C-Me Swim School Pool.

C-Me Excel Bronze continues to nurture each child and continue their learn to swim journey, they will continue developing all 4 strokes.

C-Me Excel Silver is a 45-minute lesson with a focus on increasing endurance and stroke skills with fun and stimulating environment.

C-Me Excel Gold is a 60-minute lesson with a focus on refinement of technique, developing racing dives, turns, pace clock and lane swimming, land training and correct technique for key stretches and exercises, introducing swimmers to competing through time trials and meets.

Bronze Squad
  • Freestyle - develop efficient stroke with bilateral breathing
  • Backstroke - introduce bent arm pull with high relaxed arm recovery and efficient stroke
  • Breast Stroke - narrow symmetrical kick, extended glide
  • Butterfly
  • Develop standing dive - use blocks where possible
  • Treading water 60 seconds
  • Advanced sculling techniques
  • Perform reaching and throwing rescues
  • 25m minimum in all 4 strokes
Silver Squad
  • Freestyle - efficient technique, bilateral breathing 100m
  • Backstroke - Efficient technique 100m
  • Breaststroke - efficient technique with efficient timing for 100m
  • Butterfly - Efficient technique 50m
  • Develop all starting techniques
  • Develop all starting techniques
  • Introduce training practices
  • 100 Individual Medley
  • 50 survival backstroke
  • Rescue Scenario

Gold Squad
  • Completed all of Silver Squad Criteria
  • 400m Efficient Freestyle with bilateral breathing
  • 200m efficient backstroke and Breaststroke, 100m efficient butterfly
  • 200m IM with efficient start, turns and finish
  • Advanced rescue scenario
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