Babies And Toddlers - Aqua Bubs & Tots, Transition Tots

Aqua Bubs & Tots

AQUA BUBS is our first level generally for swimmers aged 5 months – 15 months. Our Aqua Bubs classes are a fun and gentle introduction to the water introducing water conditioning skills with songs and activities.

AQUA TOTS is our second level of baby learn to swim generally for children who are 15 months until 3 years. These little swimmers will further develop their water conditioning skills and become familiar with skills such as, climbing in and out of the pool and being submersed under the water.

This program is designed for the education of both parents and their children in the water together.

Aqua Bubs Skills
  • I have my breath control
  • I can monkey with assistance
  • I can submerge with ease
  • I can kick (without manipulation)
  • I can fall in, turn around and reach (assisted)
  • I can back float (assisted)
Aqua Tots Skills
  • I can monkey
  • I can blow bubbles
  • I can walk independently in shallow water
  • I can propel through water with long leg kicking
  • I can back float with assistance
  • I can back float with assistance
  • I can swim with the teacher without getting upset
Transition Tots

At C-ME Swim we recognise that moving from our baby classes to our level one learn to swim can be a delicate time for both the child and parents. Transition Tots allows our staff to build a positive, trusting relationship with your child. Parents/Guardians are beginning to slowly transition out of the water during this program.

Class size = 4

Transition Tots program requires patience, trust and understanding from our parents who may still be working in the water with our staff.

Learning to sit, listen, share, wait are all HUGE understandings for our little swimmers. In Transition Tots, children are given opportunities to play and to explore the aquatic environment without the fear of harm, under the guidance of respectful staff who are willing collaborators in their aquatic development.

Transition Tots Skills
  • Roll from Tummy to back (assisted)
  • Sit, listen and wait safely
  • Enter and exit water safely
  • Glide with pencil arms (assisted)
  • Kick with long legs and fast floppy feet
  • Follow teacher's instructions
  • Fall in and turn around and climb out with assistance

One of the first safety skills your baby will learn is to pull themselves up out of the pool. To assist with learning this skill we request that all parents wear a t-shirt over their bathers in the pool.

Swim Nappies

It is a health requirement that all children who are not toilet trained wear a “swim nappy” during swim lessons. Disposable swim nappies are available for purchase from the kiosk.

Smiles And Encouragement

Learn to swim lessons with your baby is a wonderful rewarding and bonding experience. They’ll continually need your love, support, smiles, cheering and encouragement throughout every lesson.


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